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Aston Services Group signed an Armed Forces Covenant, committing to supporting the Armed Forces community. Consequently ASG is totally Armed Forces-friendly and ready to support any service leavers and service spouses/associates.

There are so many corporations and organisations with their very own military transition and ex-armed forces recruitment schemes aimed at recruiting Armed Forces service leavers and Veterans.

Each individual programme differs marginally, they may present insight days, work experience possibilities, education packages, workshops & most significantly, jobs.

Members of the British Military, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are specially trained to operate with a number of the most Highly developed technological systems and State-of-the-art defence projects on the planet, and attain recognised qualifications which they can use to incorporate much-needed skills and experience to your company.

Irrespective of holding the knowledge desperately required by a lot of UK firms, ex-army staff tend to be neglected because of getting stigmatised as mentally unwell. Reports suggest that forty six percent of recruiters will be unwilling to hire a service leaver ‘in case they had mental health concerns’.

More than fourteen thousand service leavers come on into the civilian job market throughout the CTP every year. They consist of engineers, technicians, trainers, administrators, IT supervisors, drivers, cooks, nurses, pilots, operations managers, facilities managers, project managers and communications experts.

Service leavers have unrivalled experience and fantastic personal characteristics. They are tested in highly demanding and pressurised circumstances and so are utilized to taking responsibility for their actions and getting things done 1st learn more time. Service leavers are quick to learn, picking up new skills and adapting to new circumstances easily. They are really self disciplined and motivated problem solvers who will get a task performed, regardless of what it takes.

Aston Services Group has A variety of vacancies in case you’re in search of ex forces work opportunities, simply head to their website, fill in the form and attach your CV. You’ll be joining a team of devoted individuals inside a swiftly growing crew of a forward-thinking corporation which has a desire to grow far more in the upcoming years. With space for progression and many company benefits, we’re certain you’ll really feel right at home when becoming a member of ASG.

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